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PRODUCTS Thermodynamic Steam TrapPRODUCTS Thermodynamic Steam TrapPRODUCTS Thermodynamic Steam TrapPRODUCTS Thermodynamic Steam Trap
Features :Structural Characteristics :
1. Attached with steam or air beat preservation mechanism and unaffected by the environmental humidity : with operation frequency decreased and service life prolonged.
2. Provided with filter screen and drainage valve.
3. The valve runs flexibly and reliably with large displacement.

Working Principle :
By talking advantage of thermodynami characteristics, secondondary evaporation will arise when the condensate water is dis chargedto the lower pressure zone and meanwhile when the vis cosity and density of steam differ, the drain valve will open or close.

Main Functions :
The Valve is applicable in the steam pipeline and equipment to avoid steam lleakage and eliminate steam leakage in order to conserve energy and keep from water hammer and other faults.
PRODUCTS Thermodynamic Steam Trap
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